First Choice Financial Consultants

First Choice Financial Consultants are members of GlobalNet  - the leading international network for Independent Financial Advisers.

Our team of financial consultants provide expert and impartial advice to expatriate clients and investors working in North Africa and other locations worldwide. We are committed to deliver professional, impartial and independent advice to each of our clients to ensure that we help them meet their financial objectives.

We emphasise long term partnerships with our clients and are committed to working together to create long term wealth and financial security.

Reliable and experienced guidance is essential to ensure destinations are reached on a journey which is influenced by ever changing personal and global influences.

As such, regular personal consultations, investment reviews and general updates, no matter where you may relocate worldwide, are principle requirements that we will not compromise on.

Our commitment to excellence and professionalism ensures that all our clients receive an unrivalled level of ongoing service and support.

Retirement Planning: 
Secure, Flexible, Regular Premium Savings Programmes

Portfolio Advice and Management: 
Diversification for maximum Investor Protection and Offshore Growth

For The Cautious Investor: 
Capital and Income Guaranteed Investment Opportunities

Life and Wealth protection for You and Your Loved Ones

Education Fees: 
A significant gift for your children and a gateway to opportunities - Long term planning is essential and rewarding.

Estate Planning: 
Tax Efficient Planning to Protect your Assets for the next Generation

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Of those who live to retirement, 93% could be dependant on friends, relatives or charity. Where will you be when you retire ? Its never too early to look into your retirment planning and longer term objectives.

In the UK school and boarding fees average £27,000 a year. Keeping in mind that school fees increase over time, its never too late to start putting something aside for your children's education.