Financial Planning

Financial Planning

We understand that everybody's financial objectives are different so there is no one product that will satisfy the needs of any one investor. Whilst we have access to all the major players in the financial marketplace, from banks to insurance companies to fund houses, we believe that each customer deserves to have a financial product tailor made to suit his or her needs.


An equitable obligation, binding a person (called a trustee) to deal with the property over which he has control (the trust property) for the benefit of persons (the beneficiaries) any one of whom may enforce the obligation. In simple terms, a Trust is a way of arranging property (assets) for the benefit of others without giving them control over it. In the simplest terms, a trust is a popular financial planning tool for those who wish to arrange their property a ...

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One of the most efficient and painless ways of building capital is to systematically save a portion of your income. Regular and disciplined contributions to an investment scheme are probably the best way to develop a substantial portfolio. Clients of First Choice Financial Consultants can rest assured that their investments, which are placed in safe jurisdictions enjoy maximum confidentiality and security. We can open specific savings accounts for you, which will sa ...

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Retirement Planning

  When it comes to Retirement Planning, you have to get the numbers right, in order to cater for a decent retirement. Due to the fact that government schemes are often unsatisfactory, an increasing number of individuals and companies are making private, supplementary arrangements. Retirement schemes are essential and must be set up during your working years in order to provide adequate income later in life. Its not rocket science - the earlier you start saving to ...

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Medical Insurance

Expatriates more than anyone else need to examine the value of private medical insurance. Being in a foreign country where the cost and availability of medical cover is bound to vary, expatriates need the peace of mind that private medical insurance can provide. With access to all the major insurance providers, First Choice Financial Consultants can recommend the most suitable plan for your needs and situation. Different insurance schemes are designed for individuals ...

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Life Insurance

Life assurance is a policy that will pay out either a lump sum or a series of payments upon death. These payments are usually tax-exempt. The proceeds from a life assurance policy can be used: to pay off a debt such as a mortgage to provide an income for your dependents to maintain the payment of school fees Life assurance can be in the form of either a fixed term or a whole life policy. These can be combined with other forms of protection, such as critical i ...

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Education Fee Funding

Education is the greatest gift - and the investment any of us makes in our child’s education and future is the finest investment we can ever make. Expatriates living overseas are usually obliged to fund their children's education. Free schooling and higher education are not usually available to expatriates who often have to choose between expensive private schools locally or boarding schools at home. The subsequent expenses could substantially reduce your net d ...

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Estate Planning

    For many of us, planning for Education, Retirement, Illness and other related areas goes without saying. Considering our own mortality, however, is not something we like to spend much time doing. Yet the fact of the matter is - it is unavoidable. And, just as death is not something we can escape from, ‘death duty’ is just as inevitable.  Having said that, there is specific action that you can take to protect your assets. Its important that ...

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Of those who live to retirement, 93% could be dependant on friends, relatives or charity. Where will you be when you retire ? Its never too early to look into your retirment planning and longer term objectives.

In the UK school and boarding fees average £27,000 a year. Keeping in mind that school fees increase over time, its never too late to start putting something aside for your children's education.