Estate Planning

For many of us, planning for Education, Retirement, Illness and other related areas goes without saying. Considering our own mortality, however, is not something we like to spend much time doing. Yet the fact of the matter is - it is unavoidable. And, just as death is not something we can escape from, ‘death duty’ is just as inevitable.  Having said that, there is specific action that you can take to protect your assets. Its important that you understand what your Estate tax liabilities may be, and how best you can take action to avoid your family losing out.

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Of those who live to retirement, 93% could be dependant on friends, relatives or charity. Where will you be when you retire ? Its never too early to look into your retirment planning and longer term objectives.

In the UK school and boarding fees average £27,000 a year. Keeping in mind that school fees increase over time, its never too late to start putting something aside for your children's education.