Life Insurance

Life assurance is a policy that will pay out either a lump sum or a series of payments upon death. These payments are usually tax-exempt.

The proceeds from a life assurance policy can be used:

  • to pay off a debt such as a mortgage
  • to provide an income for your dependents
  • to maintain the payment of school fees

Life assurance can be in the form of either a fixed term or a whole life policy. These can be combined with other forms of protection, such as critical illness insurance, which would entitle you to receive a lump sum if a terminal illness is diagnosed. Life assurance premiums can be paid monthly or annually.

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Of those who live to retirement, 93% could be dependant on friends, relatives or charity. Where will you be when you retire ? Its never too early to look into your retirment planning and longer term objectives.

In the UK school and boarding fees average £27,000 a year. Keeping in mind that school fees increase over time, its never too late to start putting something aside for your children's education.