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Whilst the market offers numerous International savings plans in EURO, USD or STERLING which can provide acess to a wide range of underlying funds, one has to be sure that the right Savings Plan is chosen from the outset. Numerous factors have to be taken into consideration, such as affordibality, access, term, range of underlying funds available, etc. Chosing the right Savings Plan can make all the difference. At First Choice we have access to all the major players in the industry such as Generali, Friends Provident, Royal Skandia or Zurich International, just to mention a few. Contact Us to help you choose the right International Savings Plan to suite your needs and objectives.

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Of those who live to retirement, 93% could be dependant on friends, relatives or charity. Where will you be when you retire ? Its never too early to look into your retirment planning and longer term objectives.

In the UK school and boarding fees average £27,000 a year. Keeping in mind that school fees increase over time, its never too late to start putting something aside for your children's education.